Australian National Site Guide - Newcastle

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New South Wales - Newcastle - 2 sites

Map of Newcastle sites
Name Location Type Conditions Rating Height
Catherine Hill Bay (Catho's) Coastal ESE PG3 / HG Intermediate 125ft, 38m
Strzelecki lookout Strzelecki lookout car park, Memorial Drive, Bar Beach Coastal cliff S- ESE HG Intermediate, PG3 250ft, 75m
New South Wales - Newcastle

Catherine Hill Bay (Catho's)


Grassy slope
New South Wales - Newcastle

Strzelecki lookout

Coastal cliff.


The set up and launch area is a sloping grassy area above the cliff (250ft ASL). A fence serves to separate the on-lookers from the flying pilots. The flyable cliff is 800 meters long and extends both to the left and to the right of launch.


Land on the beach, Empire park, or at the monument (top land).


  1. Bomb out option is limited to the rock shelf below, which may be covered with water leaving a glide to Susan Gilmore beach the only option.
  2. There are several 80' high repeater and microwave towers to the right of launch. They are far enough behind not to pose problem for launch but are in the path of flight when soaring at low levels.
  3. There are power lines to the rear of Memorial Drive behind the Monument and along the northern and eastern sides of Empire Park. Once on approach into the park you are committed. Over shooting the landing is not an option as this will place you into power lines and on a heavily trafficked road.
  4. If attempting to land at the monument with the wind out of the SE, beware of the rotor and turbulence behind the vertical cut-out face on the left
  5. Empire park and the beaches that surround the site can be very populated during the summer months. Care should be taken to ensure enough room is available prior to committing to an approach.

Before flying here, please contact NHGC to ensure you understand the best landing approaches.