Coastal cliff ENE
100' / 30m Strictly PG5 only, SSO briefing compulsory. No tandems, no HG.
Sydney's Northern Beaches. North of Mona Vale Beach. Driving south on Pittwater Rd from Newport, turn left onto Hillcrest Avenue. Limited parking at the end of the street.



Sydney Paragliding & Hang Gliding Club, SPHGC Safety Officers


Sydney Paragliding & Hang Gliding Club
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ENE site with rotor coming from many directions. Steep cliff and reverse slope add to the difficulty. A deceptive site, with a very difficult take-off and landing. Bomb out is on Bungan beach.
Restrictions:An "on-site" briefing from a club SSO is compulsory prior to flying this site.


Rotow can come from either left or right of launch. You must be able to read conditions to fly this site as it involves pulling the wing up into and through rotor. Excellent ground handling skills are required. Make sure you are airborne before the fence and shrubs.


On the beach is the safest option. Be aware, if wind direction has turned north, the beach can be in rotor from the northern headland. Top landing is extremely difficult. The landing slopes back down away from the cliff and the same rotor you took off in is still here. If you attempt this, get out of your harness early and stay well forward.


Lower level of airspace at 2500'. Do not fly over the houses (100ft vertical - 25m horizontal)!


The steep cliff on this site creates a wind gradient that can mask the true wind strength. After taking off, pilots can find themselves climbing into stronger winds and struggling to push forward. Be aware, there can also be severe compression out on the point.