Coastal Cliff HG: NE-E, PG: NE-SE
130' / 40m PG2, HG Advanced
Sydney's Northern Beaches. Near the intersection of Narrabeen Park Parade and Cook Terrace, fifty minutes drive from the city centre. Traveling north on Pittwater Rd, turn right at the hospital into Coronation St, then follow the road out to the beach and turn right again up the hill. Parking in the car park along Narrabeen Park Parade.


Public land


Sydney Paragliding & Hang Gliding Club, SPHGC Safety Officers


Sydney Paragliding & Hang Gliding Club
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Cooks Terrace

A large grassy park atop a sandstone cliff which faces almost due east but has a turn towards the north west at the northern end. This is a great fun site that is very popular due to the large grass park and non-metered parking right next to the site. It will be very busy with paraglidiers if the breeze is not too strong for them. Contact a club member before flying.


HG: In the past cliff launches were the only launches considered possible but recent experience has shown that a conventional launch is now possible. Seek advice from local hang glider pilots before attempting. You need to carefully line up your take off and will need the help of local experienced hang glider pilots.

PG: When launching, do not step on the low wooden fence and un-load your canopy right on the edge. When conditions are light and north of east, in order to stay up, pilots adopt a pattern whereby the upwind leg of a "circuit" is flown close to the ridge and the downwind pass is executed out to sea. Be aware of this possibility and don't force your right of way.


HG: Mona Vale beach, Warriewood beach or on the relative flat grassed area north of launch and between the vegetated sand dune and the line of trees behind.

PG: The beaches to either the north or south of the headland. The park at the northern end when the wind has little to no south in it. Top landing is very easy, simply approach from the appropriate direction for the wind and make your landing in the front half of the launch area. Take care to look out for spectators as this is a very popular park. Once you've landed, please drop your wing to make it easy for others to also launch or land.


Lower Level of controlled airspace is at 2500'.


HG: There is considerable turbulence behind the tree near the wooden bench. Its nature is related to the wind direction bias and strength.

PG: There are often many many spectators. There is rotor behind the bush on top of the cliff near the northern end. When conditions are crowded and there are hangliders in the mix, things can be very 'busy'. Keep an eye on the wind direction. When the wind is to the south don't fly the north east facing part of the ridge. However it is possible to fly into the bowl behind Warriewood beach (though best not to go into the lee of Warriewood headland). If the wind moves more to the north the reverse becomes true.

Radio control aircraft often operate on the northern end of the ridge. There are powerlines on the other side of the road and between the surf club and toilet block on Warriewood beach. It's an unleashed dog park.