Coastal E-NE
At Wynyard and close to Table Cape.

Landowners - ?


THPA, Dave Luttrell ([no information]), Richard Long (PG) ([no information])


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Fossil Bluff

Fossil Bluff is a 300' hill line facing East through to North East and adjoins to base of Table Cape on the Western end.
Restrictions: Fossil Bluff is within 10Nm of Wynyard CTAF 126.9 . Contact via airband must be made with Wynyard Tower prior to launch. Flight ops at this site can impact commercial traffic and are in tower view. Disciplinary action will be taken against pilots not complying. Contact THPA for protocols before your first flights here.


It is a steady climb to the main launch but on a good day you can pick your spot along the face and launch from there.


Directly in front of the car park or anywhere on the beach.