Inland ridge NNW, SSW
2100' / 640m amsl, 1310' / 400m agl PG2 / HG Supervised
40km SSE of Albury/Wodonga, in the north end of the Kiewa valley. Approximately 39 kms north of Mt Beauty and also 39km, as the paraglider flies, from Bright. Check the detailed access directions.

ESTA 000 Emergency Markers (?)

  • GUN100: S-SW launch
  • GUN200: Landing

Landowners - ?


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Gundowring (Savhill)

This site has huge potential with reliable valley winds and thermals. If you fly the hill let people know by posting on the Victorian forums such as Topica, MHGC and NEVHGC forums.

Bob's Savhill site guide

Gundowring weather station

Any flying or driving on Savhill property is at your own risk.


The hill has a very large N-NW grassy launch and also a newly cleared S-SW launch, which hopefully will eventually become grassy.

N-NW launch

Further clearing will be done to make the top of the hill one big launch area with plenty of parking options. Feel free to clean up the launch area if you are waiting for conditions to improve. For paragliders if you arrive early and the wind is picking up get ready to launch. The wind can be quite strong at midday then eases off aroud 13:30 or 14:00hrs. Thermals come through consistently and its possible to launch from the N even when the wind is from the south. Take care if top landing near the end of the day, the winds can quickly become katabatic and catch you out.

S-SW launch

This still needs some cleaning up.


All the boxed areas are owned by Aaron and Ange Ibbott. They are happy for anyone to land on their property. The power line leads to their house. Take time to have a chat with them if they are nearby. The area to the right is slightly sloping down towards the main road. (That's the paddock you have to drive through to get to the hill.) The paddock to the left nearest the hill is reasonable flat and there is an unlocked gate on the border fence. They ask not to land in the smaller paddock if there is cattle in it. Bob has spoken to all the farmers on the east, hill, side of the main road and as long as everyone behaves themselves they are happy. There are plenty landing options all the way to Mt. Beauty.


Cross country, soaring.


Strictly no smoking while on the property. Please take all your rubbish home with you. There are no toilets on the hill. Please be discrete. Ideally dig a hole, do the toilet and fill in the hole.

Driving on the property is at your own risk. Be careful if at any time you have to go off the cut track, there are many wombat holes on the property.

While on the property have your radio on CH 31, if Bob is there he will be monitoring that channel. It will also be useful for avoiding other traffic, there are not many passing places on the track. Before making a journey either up or down make a radio call to check if there is any other trafic on the hill.

This is a new track and it will take some time to find out where wash outs / problems etc will occur so please take care and drive responsibly. If you see any problems on the property with the road/cattle/fences etc please email Bob.

All the local land owners are happy for pilots to land on their property. Please show them the greatest respect, be polite and follow the normal country code.

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