SW and N-NW
980' / 300m PG2 / HG Supervised
SE Tasmania, north of Hobart (head east from Brighton).

Landowners - ?


THPA, Rob Steane, Stephen Clark


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For your first flights at this site, you must contact THPA local pilots for site protocols

Thermal soaring with a ceiling due to the airspace steps for the Hobart airport. The launch sits under Class D LL 2500. For currency, check Airservices Australia website/publications/AIP/AIP charts/Hobart VNC.

This site provides some good flying times through the winter months. The 980' NNE through to NW launch has provided some good ridge soaring flights. There is a SW launch but this is better suited for pilots with good launching and soaring skills. Through the summer months the northerly launches are excellent for thermic flying. Gaining access to the launches is no problem.


Once you have arrived at launch, do not cross any fences. If you cross a fence (eg to launch into the nice looking sunny bowl) you are trespassing on land that THPA and all pilots have been asked to keep off (it's a different land-owner).


If you fly the NW face make sure you land in the paddock that you drove through to access the launch. If you cross the fence and land in the paddock to the right (to the NE, ie under the sunny bowl), you are again trespassing on land that THPA and all pilots have been asked to stay off.