Moderately steep coastal hill, covered in grass, scrub and small trees NE
100' / 30m PG2 / HG Supervised
Sydney's Northern Beaches. On the north east face of Long Reef Point, 45 minutes drive from the city. Park in the car park on the northern side of Long Reef (near the golf club) then walk up to the lookout. Alternatively you can park in the Long Reef beach car park on the southern side of the headland and walk along the Greenlink track. There are parking meters in both car parks.


Public land


Sydney Paragliding & Hang Gliding Club, SPHGC Safety Officers


Sydney Paragliding & Hang Gliding Club
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Long Reef NE

A relatively straight ridge facing NE with a moderate slope. The ridge runs from the rock platform at the eastern end, up to the crown of the headland and then turns slightly more north and continues in an north westerly direction for approximately half a kilometre. It then turns sharply to the west becoming more cliff like. It is covered in a mixture of tussock grass and low bush, with some small trees. This is a good site to build up your hours with easy ridge soaring and great views north to Whale Beach. Take care on summer days as the sea breeze will nearly always strengthen. Contact a club member before flying.

Weather station


Paragliders launch from the grassy area near the crown of the headland that is approximately level. There is space for a couple of gliders. This launch gets quite a lot of compression in stronger conditions. This is a cliff launch for hanglider pilots who may need wire assistance.


Out on the point on the sandy spit, be prepared for the stronger wind in this compression zone. On the beach in front of the golf club next to the lower car park (you only need to be above the ridge at the north western end to make the glide to the beach). Be prepared for boats launching on the ramp, kite surfers and people walking on the beach by looking prior to your departure from the main ridge. Watch the pine trees though, their lower branches reach out over the sand. The boat launch is a raised concrete ramp and quite hard!

PG: If you should get low then it is possible to bomb out on the various bits of sand in front of the takeoff. However at high tide the area of sand is rather narrow. Top landing is relatively easy, approach from the north west, or south east as appropriate for the bias in the breeze. Take care to look out for spectators as this is a very popular walk.


Lower Level of controlled airspace is at 2500'.


Strong compression at times, getting blown over the back would not be good for your health. Usually there are many many spectators. This is a very popular walking track and lookout. Radio controlled aircraft often fly here.