Inland ridge S-SSW
496m asl, landing 250m asl PG2 / HG Supervised. PG2 require PG4/SO supervision. HG Sup require HG Int supervision.
Near Beechworth, 210km NE of Melbourne.


Manny Dussin. His house is located at -36.4329,146.6303. The NEVHGC have had a long standing positive relationship with Manny. If you see him about stop and say hi, he's a lovely guy.


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Large inland ridge.


A medium size slot between small trees and shrubs. Easy glide to landable paddocks below.


4WD to the top or 2WD and a 20 minute walk. 4WD section not suitable for low AWD - Subaru type vehicles. Access track begins 30 meters before where the rail trail crosses Diffy Road. Take the left past the dam and follow the bend around to the right. At the track junction, turn left and follow for 500 meters heading ENE. At the Big tree (marked with Blue dot) the 2WD track ends. (Perfect place to park 2WD vehicles) From here, with 4WD only, follow the track 600 meters SSE up the slope to the track junction at the fence line. Park vehicles under shady pine trees. Step over broken fence and launch 30 meters to the south. N.B. The 'all vehicle' track is marked in Red and the 4WD only track is marked in Purple. The contour drains are rather large and non 4WD vehicles will bottom out on these contour drains.


Official landing zone is marked with Green box in image (Old 'Pines Launch' landing zone). Blue area also a suitable landing option but Green area preferred. Vehicles can be left at the gate (beside the shed) on the green box landing area. Access to the turnoff for the track marked with red line and dot on same image.


Controlled airspace exists over launch C LL 4500. You must check current Albury VTC or Melbourne VNC for any changes.


Be aware that the site is a tree slot therefore it is advisable to not launch in cross wind conditions. Also be aware of strong SW winds that could cause rotor from the bare hills to the SW of Launch. Also, please drive slowly around farm houses in the area, the area can be quite dusty and minimizing speed will minimize dust for the local land owners. Also, please leave all gates as you find them.

Lastly, be aware of Eagle attacks to the right of launch, especially in Spring. The flats out the front often work and if an Eagle is in the vicinity then moving away from the hill may be preferable to eagle strike.

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