Coastal Cliff with a grass slope above S-SE
100' / 30m PG4 / HG Intermediate
Sydney's Northern Beaches. North of Mona Vale Beach. Driving south on Pittwater Rd from Newport, turn left onto either Hillcrest Avenue or Grandview Parade. Limited Parking at the end of each street.


Public land


Sydney Paragliding & Hang Gliding Club, SPHGC Safety Officers


Sydney Paragliding & Hang Gliding Club
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Mona Vale

A south to south east facing cliff, with a gently sloping tussock grass and bush slope above. A deceptive site for paragliders, quite small and affected by compression. However popular with hang glider pilots who in easterly breezes fly around the corner into Bungan. Contact a club member before flying.


HG: Some pilots launch from the lower shallow grassed area but it is considered safer to launch from the edge. PG: Use the lower grassed area just above the vertical cliff. The grass near the top of the headland isn't really steep enough and suffers badly from compression. Southerly winds tend to be gusty and there can be rotor from Warriewood headland. Check the ocean for signs of what's going on.


On the beach, which often has a very steep slope. Space is limited at high tide. Be aware of the power line running out to the pool. HG: There can be a severe slope on the beach running down to the water. If the wind has an easterly component in it then, as your glider slows on final approach it will weathercock and could put you in the water. Top landing is OK for paragliders, but there are areas of rotor near the footpath.


Lower Level Airspace at 2500'. Don't fly over the houses.



If the wind should change direction towards the west the landing zone will be in rotor. Sometimes there is severe compression out on the point and a significant wind gradient in stronger conditions.


The steep cliff lower down on this site creates a wind gradient that can mask the true wind strength. After taking off pilots find themselves climbing into the stronger wind and struggling to push forward. Over the back on this site is a sheer cliff with serious rotor. Don't get blown over the back! If you do the only good news is that you'll be over water, everything else is bad. There is also sometimes severe compression out on the point. Don't fly this site when the wind is from the west of south as the landing on the beach is in the lee of the pine trees.

Trees in front of launch have grown significantly adding difficulty to launch. There is a narrow chute through which to launch with a PG. Pilots need to be very confident of their ability to launch in tight areas as entanglement with trees will not be pleasant. Top landing for PG is also made difficult by the tree growth and approach should be in line with the chute only. It is not possible to launch HG at present due to tree growth.