Table Top Hill SW-W
200ft / 60m AGL PG2 / HG Supervised
Near Geraldton. The site is on Chapman Road about 5km out of Geraldton, opposite Wozzas Knob.




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Mottleys Ridge

Also known as City View as it overlooks Geraldton. If you haven't been here before, contact a club, check on the current access arrangements, and preferably organise your first flight with a club member who has good knowledge of this site. This site is privately owned, so is sensitive and could easily be lost. Contact local pilots in Geraldton before heading up there to get an update on current access situation.


Top and bottom landings. 500ft height restriction applies. Site is directly under landing approach for airport. There is a droppable section of the wire fence at launch to facilitate safe launching and landing. Despite proximity to the coast this is an inland site subject to thermal turbulence, and needs to be respected. XC record is over 100km to Moora.