Inland hills SW
2100'/650m asl 1200'/ 360m agl PG2, HG Intermediate
95km NE of Melbourne. In the Switzerland Ranges, north of Yea. Vicroads map 61 E5. Take off is found by following Chisolm Rd off the Ghin Ghin Rd. Chisolm Rd is aprox. 2km past Highlands.

ESTA 000 Emergency Markers (?)

  • THS100: Launch
  • THS200: Landing - Hang gliders
  • THS201: Landing - Paragliders


The take off owners (Alan and Dianne) are located in the building on the right hand side of the road 1km from the take off area. The PG landing zone farmer (David) is often on site. HG pilots check with contacts for details of LZ owners south of Switzerland Rd. All this area is private land. Respect the cattle, give cattle plenty of space, there is a lot of paddock available. Use gates and styles where provided. Be considerate, show respect for the landowners and their property. You fly there only because of their blessing.


MHGC, HG - Neale Halsall (0412 506 134), PG - Jeremy Gough (0421 301 004)


Skyhigh, MHGC
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Mt Broughton (Thistle Hill)

This site is closed. August 2022: Temporary closure due to Foot and Mouth disease concerns. We hope to be able to reopen the site in late September, and will keep this site guide entry up to date.

Large grassy hill. A weather station is available. There is no SMS, phone or radio access to this weather station. Another weather station is situated about 3km W of launch. This page shows base height estimate above 600m.

Restrictions: At the request of the landowners, no motorized flight (PPG/PHG) is permitted in the vicinity of this site. As a rule, do not conduct PPG/PHG flights near free flying sites unless you're certain that this will not endanger the goodwill which allows us to fly.


In summer this takeoff is covered with thistles.



The PG landing paddock is located directly at the base of the hill. GPS: 55 H 0358715 UTM 5888504. Access to it is off Newell Rd via Switzerland Rd. Follow the laneway from 200m along Newells Rd where it turns right, directly toward the base of the hill. This is an easy glide for PGs providing they head towards the landing paddock once they descend to the tree-line, the best thermals are often found around the landing paddock itself! This site is suitable for novices but they are warned to avoid the strong thermic conditions that occur during the peak of the day in the summer.

There have been herds of nervous steers which get spooked by paragliders and even pilots walking through the paddocks. Land as far away from the cattle as possible, and avoid walking near them.

The farmer, David, is friendly and frequently on site. Vehicles are to be left 200m along Newells Rd where it turns right. during periods of fire danger (most of the summer period) however vehicles can access directly the LZ at other times.

David does not want anyone to land on his property during total fire ban days. This effectively means we cannot fly there on total fire ban days.

Hang gliders

The regular landing paddocks south of the road are available without notice. Another landing paddock north of the road is available provisional to daily permission - check with contacts.

The LZ farmer has requested that he be notified immediately of any issues. The process is to contact either the HG or PG site rep immediately. See below right for contact details. In the past, issues such as spooked cattle breaking through fences, pilots in trees, crop damage, etc have caused concern to the farmer.


Ridge soarable in a moderate south westerly, thermals can be expected during the warmer months. Flights from here on Leonardo


Turn around is approximately half an hour by car.

Many single wire (SWER) powerlines are in this area.

Be careful scratching below the tree line off launch in a paraglider. Sink can be brutal and there is a risk of not making the landing.

Retrieve Note for landing east of launch if you bomb before Molesworth: Switzerland Rd ends at a locked gate about 1.5 km east from Newells Rd. So if you land on the north side of the river, and less than 4 km to the east, walk west, and the retrieve vehicle can continue east along Switzerland Rd to get you, and meet you at the locked gate. But if you are more than 4km east along the ridge, especially further down the east end of the ridge, walk east until you connect with Fullertons Rd, which starts at a farmhouse and heads east, and joins up to the Molesworth-Dropmore Rd. The retrieve vehicle can get there via Highlands Rd, or via Yea and Molesworth.

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