Inland, Ridge, Mountain N (valley wind)
797m / 2614' asl, 477m / 1564' agl PG4 / HG Intermediate
Near Bright, 220km NE of Melbourne. Approximately 3.5 hours drive from Melbourne in the Victorian Alps. Vicroads Map 49 H6.

ESTA 000 Emergency Markers (?)

  • MYS080: Launch
  • MYS034: Landing - Mystic LZ


Landing is leased to local club.


Alpine Paragliding (0407 573 879, 03 5755 1753), Bright Backpackers


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Mystic Hill is an excellent site which is often on because it faces the valley wind and cooks up some strong thermals. It is located 2Km south of Bright just off the road to Wandiligong. One of the most popular Victorian Inland Sites which has hosted numerous state, national competitions including a Paragliding World Cup event in 1998. There is a weather station on Mystic Hill.

A Mystic flying pass must be purchased before using this site, and can only be obtained over the NE Vic HG club web site at A Paypal account or credit card is necessary. Flying Information can be obtained by meeting local pilots at the bomb-out on the Wandiligong road or at the Outdoor Inn camp site.

For accomodation there is a backpackers in town (which also acts as a local flying centre), the Outdoor Inn not far from the landing ground, and numerous other types of accomodation are available. There is also a hospital in Bright (should it be needed!).


Mystic launch from the air Take off is right next to the road and is unobstructed as all pine trees have been cut down over the entire face of the hill. It boasts the safest launch area (about 100m wide) of all the sites in this region. If possible, have one of the numerous local pilots show you the site for the first time as there are some shortcomings which have caught many pilots off guard. At T/O the landing paddock cannot be seen as it is shielded by the spur to the east. It is a good idea to survey the landing paddock first and then on the drive up, stop as you round the spur and sight it again from above before you fly.


For paragliders and hang gliders (if they can tolerate the relatively short approach), there is a new landing ground on the right hand side of the road on the way to Wandilagong. A car park is situated at the end of the landing ground.

The main bombout for hang gliders is across the Wandiligong rd, east of the smaller paddock. Look for the stile over the fence. The main dangers are the trees (normally) upwind producing turbulence, as the valley breeze blows most of the time from the NW. Expect turbulence on any normal summer's day.

Before going XC, please check the map for allowed and forbidden landing paddocks in the area.


Ridge soaring, once above the height of the trees behind launch is quite easy (but sometimes bumpy). In order to get to that height, passes across the launch bowl in the best lift are often required. Once below launch height, head towards the landing paddock and you may be lucky and catch a thermal above the spur on the way down. When thermalling there are a number of places to head for. Thermals seem to gather above the spurs to the left and right. In general, the whole hill is a trigger point so be prepared for some monster lift straight away. During summer, the lift is quite strong and rough between 12 and 3:30pm. It is safer and more enjoyable to launch before or after. Many excellent XC flight have been achieved after launching as late as 5:30pm. During other seasons Bright hill can be flown almost anytime.

The site is centred amongst prime alpine flying country, so excellent XC flights are possible. Over the back to Harrietville, right to Tawonga Gap and the Kiewa Valley, or left to Porepunkah Hill, the Ovens Valley, Mt Buffalo, Myrtleford and onwards. On epic days try for Wangaratta or the McDonalds on the Hume Highway SW of Wangaratta.

Waypoints for the Bright area can be found here.


Strong lift in summer during the middle of the day. Power lines along road beside landing ground. Large expanses of 'tiger' country to south, and between Pyramid Hill and the Kiewa valley.

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