Inland thermal site, treed slot launch E, NE
700' / 210m agl, 2,870' / 877m asl PG5 / HG Advanced
85km N of Hobart. Accessed from the dirt road that leads from the Midlands Highway to Interlaken. The gate is on the right about 1km after the final bend onto the top of the tiers. The gate is locked and requires a THPA key to access.


Crown land


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Tunbridge Tier

The site works well in light thermic conditions with thermals starting to rise by 11:00 and really pumping by 13:00 (summertime). If the inversion is below 1300m then the flying can be quite frustrating with the edge of the tiers acting as a frustrating, scary place to play, leading you into a hunt across the flatlands for thermals.


Thermic flying only. Beware of winds crossing this site up. Fully assess all the telltales strewn around the site and ensure that the air you are going to depart in is reasonably square up the face. Because of the topography of the Island this happens more than you would think.

The camp site at interlaken is a great place to spend the night prior to flying.