Help protect our Hoodies

When flying at low dune sites keep your eyes out for Hooded Plover nests. They will typically be obviously marked with signs and enclosures. Give them plenty of space as they are very sensitive to disturbances when breeding (September to April) and are endangered in Victoria.

Operational agreement developed in conjunction with Bird Life Vic, Barwon Costal Committee, GORCC and Moggs Creek Hooded Plover Group

  1. 100 ft vertical clearance from nest.
  2. Avoid glider shadows on the nest.
  3. Avoid landing within 100 meters horizontally from the nest.
  4. Avoid walking past nest with an assembled glider.

Known nesting locations

Moggs Creek

Update as of Oct 17th 2019:

Nesting pair in the rivermouth, see map.

Breamlea and Blackrock

13th Beach and Ocean Grove

Update as of Oct 8th 2019:

We are seeing a number of breeding sites being established along the 13TH Beach and Ocean Grove Spit coast line, please see indications of the sites on the map.

For awareness on the challenges the breeding hoodies have, a remote camera was placed near a nest site and images of a fox were captured, the 3 eggs lost. The fox a part of the challenge to the birds we bring.

Hooded Plover, active Breeding Sites on the Barwon Coast; 13TH Beach

Sites accurate as at 8th October 2019


Update as of Nov 27th 2018:

We have a nest at Farnsworth (west of the SLSC) that is due to hatch beginning of December. The chicks will be vulnerable for a month (until they can fly) and are likely to be on the beach landing area. We will have limited temp fencing on the upper beach. We will try to get a notice up at the launch area.

On the map the current nest is within the red circled area. Upon hatching the chicks are very mobile and it is difficult to predict where the parents might move them to. The area in green covers the territory they have used in the past. We will attempt to keep signage and fences up to indicate where the chicks are but they don’t always keep to those areas. Ideally the landings would be safest at the western end of the beach where possible.

Flinders Golf Club

TBA - see signs at site.


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