Australian National Site Guide - Mid North Coast

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New South Wales - Mid North Coast - 9 sites

Map of Mid North Coast sites
Name Location Type Conditions Rating Height
Bartletts Reserve - NE Bonnys South of Port Macquarie. Small Coastal Ridge PG4 / HG Advanced 18m asl
Crescent Head About 350km northeast of Sydney. Coastal E-S
Grants Headland - SE Bonnys South of Port Macquarie on Ocean Drive. Coastal Dune E-SE PG3 / HG Supervised 35m asl
Harrys Lookout In Port Macquarie. Coastal Ridge ENE-ESE PG3 / HG Supervised 35m asl
Indian Head South of Port Macquarie. Coastal Ridge SSE-ESE 35m asl
Middle brother SW, SE PG4, HG intermediate SE 1800' / 548m, SW 1590' / 485m asl
Nellies Overlooking the Lansdowne Valley, 20km inland from St Johns River. WNW-SW 1680' / 515m asl
North Brother Lookout Near Laurieton. Mountain near coast NNE-E PG4, under PG4 please contact local CFI / HG Supervised 465m asl
Rocky Beach In Port Macquarie. Small Coastal Ridge ENE-ESE PG4. Not suitable for HG.
New South Wales - Mid North Coast

Bartletts Reserve - NE Bonnys

Good for afternoon north or north easterly sea breeze.
New South Wales - Mid North Coast

Crescent Head

A miniature Stanwell Park type of headland. Awesome smooth lift. There used to be a SAFA sign on the headland at the E launch. This is now gone but Kempsey Shire, the local council, are still OK with us using both launches. Some good flying from both sites. S launch is more for novice pilots, E launch is out over sea and landing near the golf course (to the north) so more for experienced pilots. No contacts needed...just do it!


S launch
(SE-S) An old hangie ramp, suitable for paragliders, too. Opposite the last house as you head up to the water tank on Skyline Crescent. The council have confirmed in writing that we are welcome to clear any regrowth to keep it flyable. Ok for all levels, but watch the powerlines behind near the road.
E launch
(E-SE) Goes out over the sea - not for inexperienced pilots. Bomb out near the golf course to the north.
New South Wales - Mid North Coast

Grants Headland - SE Bonnys

A fun little coastal site with easy top landing. Ideal for an afternoon play in a floater. Best for southeasterly breezes.
New South Wales - Mid North Coast

Harrys Lookout

Best in the afternoon with east or north easterly sea breeze.
New South Wales - Mid North Coast

Indian Head

A good SE novice site. Easy takeoff with beach below. Best in a southerly breeze.
New South Wales - Mid North Coast

Middle brother

The SE launch has a ramp and the SW has an earth mound. Common to have a flight north toward Kempsey or to a local beach from here. (VHF radio is required.)

Overlooking Johns River, this is the middle of three isolated small mountains. The take off was carved out from a state forest with a ramp installed by local pilots. The area was handed to the National Parks and Wildlife Service, now known as the Department of Environment Climate Change and Water. They have a policy of removing ramps and replacing them with more natural surfaces, grass or crushed rock.


SW launch is reached by taking the Middle Brother turn off the Pacific Highway and following the Middle Brother Road. A Tee intersection will be reached, take the left hand turn onto TV Road (named for the Television transmission tower at the end of the road). There will be a small track off to the right. It's really 4 wheel drive from that point on but you might be ok with a rugged 2wd in dry weather. There's a fork a little way in, take the right fork. Follow the road to a turning bay, there will be a strong metal gate on the left. Walk around the gate and about 150 m down hill to the take off. If you find yourself somewhere with buildings you've taken the wrong turn.


Hang gliding has been going on here since the 1980s, however since the local school switched from hang gliding to paragliding there has been a decrease in activity at this site. Often quite overgrown, count on significant gardening prior to launch. National Parks is apparently ok with gardening as long as it doesn't extend beyond the already gardened area. No chemicals are to be used, this site has been endangered by use of herbicide.

Mountain site with the normal attendant risks. The ramp is quite slippery, probably due to lack of use. Care should be taken. There is a gap between the end of the ramp and the cliff. A very aggressive launch is required.

Also infested with leeches so bring salt. It's also alive with snakes. All reptiles are protected by law, do not harm any, the owners will take a very dim view of any such activity and this will further endanger the site.

Local club requests all pilots carry radio tuned to SAFA frequency.

New South Wales - Mid North Coast


An inland site that provides some of the most enjoyable winter and spring flying relatively close to the coast. Absolutely fantastic when a weak seabreeze and westerly are doing battle. Flights back to the coast are very enjoyable.
New South Wales - Mid North Coast

North Brother Lookout

The best known and premier site of the region. Great flying early in the day before the sea breeze comes in, late morning with light north easterly and mostly clear skies.

Guest pilots to be accompanied by local or frequent MNCF member whilst landing zone is not visible from launch and is on private land, briefing before flying is required. Be respectful drive slow, keep gates how you find them eg. open or closed.

New South Wales - Mid North Coast

Rocky Beach

Good for afternoon east or north easterly sea breeze.