Australian National Site Guide - Northern Territory

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Northern Territory - 1 site

Map of Northern Territory sites
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Alice Springs 1

Northern Territory - Alice Springs - 1 site

Map of Alice Springs sites
Name Location Type Conditions Rating Height
Mt Gillen - West Gap, South Face S, SSW
Northern Territory - Alice Springs

Mt Gillen - West Gap, South Face

Locally know as West Gap, South Face, Mt Gillen is located within the Alice Springs Control zone (TWR 118.3)

Flying here is permitted through a Letter of Agreement arrangement between CASA and SAFA.

Flight clearance MUST be obtained from Alice TWR, see the letter of agreement for all conditions.

The pilot(s) will:

  • contact Alice Springs Tower by phone on 08 8950 7505 to obtain a clearance for operations
  • establish two-way VHF communication with Alice Springs Tower on 118.3
  • maintain a continuous radio listening watch on 118.3 while operating in the area
  • notify Tower when operations are completed for the day

Alice Springs Tower can cancel the clearance at any time. All gliders must land within 15 minutes of the clearance being cancelled. The pilot(s) shall contact Alice Springs Tower to advise when they are on the ground.

The SAFA is responsible for all gliding activity within the area including SAR alerting.

Gliding is permitted only:

  • by day
  • in VMC
  • during the hours of operation of Alice Springs Tower.

If you are flying powered, there are further conditions regarding noise minimisation.