18m / 59ft Intermediate. Advanced ground handling skills are required for launch.

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SCSA, Tex Beck (PG SO) (0407 238 017), Shane Gingell (PG SO) (0417 619 167)



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Alexandra Headland

This site is closed.

May 2020:

As you may know, changes to the runway geometry will soon be implemented at Sunshine Coast Airport. As a result of these changes, the current areas of operation at Point Cartwright and Alex Headland (as described in clause 3.1 of LOA 3318) will no longer be segregated from operations to or from Sunshine Coast Airport.

In such circumstances, Airservices will no longer be able to provide approval for hang gliding operations in Port Cartwright and Alex Headland as contemplated by clause 3.2 of LOA 3318.

Accordingly, please accept this letter as notice of termination of LOA 3318, effective 15 May 2020. Hang gliding operations in the affected areas will not be possible on and from this date.

You must be a member of the responsible club (SCSA) to fly this site. Visiting pilots are welcome. Temporary/visiting pilot club membership can be applied for on the SCSA website.

Over the last few years the club has developed a protocol for safe and responsible flight at this site.

The management of this site relies upon a close and co-operative partnership between the Sunshine Coast Airport Control Tower and every pilot that flies this site.


Alexandra Headlands is situated within the controlled airspace of Sunshine Coast airport, although flying hang gliders and paragliders within controlled airspace is usually not allowed at all our club has been extremely lucky to have had CASA approve an exemption for us to fly within the controlled airspace of Sunshine Coast Airport but with a number of conditions see full exemption HERE.

The following rules are critical to the ongoing operation of this site, and are mandatory for all pilots:

  • Before the commencement of any Hang gliding or Paragliding operations a duty officer will be nominated.
  • The Duty Officer will have the responsibility to call the Sunshine Coast Tower and gain clearance for operations.
  • The Duty Officer will have the responsibility to control operations on site.
  • The Duty Officer will have the responsibility to call the Sunshine Coast Tower and notify them when operation have completed.
  • If the Duty Officer has to leave site then a new Duty Officer will be nominated and will call the sunshine Coast Tower to notify them of the change of Duty Officer
  • The Duty Officer will report any incident/accident to the Australian Transport Safety Bureau, CASA and the SAFA.
  • Care must be taken when launching and landing to stay clear of general public

As usual, all other protocols and regulations as per the SAFA apply.