Western Australia > North-West > Kimberley


Site photo
Type Big Hill
Conditions SW-NW, NW-NE
Height 1100ft / 330m
Rating PG2 / HG Supervised
Kimberley, 450km SW of Darwin.

Drive to Wyndham (3200km from Perth), 2nd right past the big croc signposted as "The Five Rivers Lookout" to the car park at the top.

Landowners - ?


HGAWA , John Peircey




One of the worlds most spectacular landscapes, well endowed with hills and sunshine, and spectacular scenery. A bit of a wilderness too, so be prepared. Most of this info is from John Peircey who lives up there, give him a call if you are up that way.


Sunset/West Launch


1100ft. Launch at the west site a little tight for PGs - a cement ramp for the stiffies tends to catch the outer set of lines but fine if helper handy. Great thermal site from a house thermal out over the small houses/cemetery to the left of launch. Good height gains from August onwards 5000ft+. Landing is right in front of launch on HUGE salt flats - watch for power lines that run along road visible from launch and darker areas of salt flat may be a bit squishy. Plus one special area to avoid is the crocodile farm at the base: LOTS of unfriendly snapping handbags. Fantastic place to watch sunset from!

North Launch


900ft. As for Bastion Sunset Launch above, then from the car park take a walking track to the right of the west launch about 150m was an old 4wd track for the stiffies but eroded at the start follow to the end car turnaround approx 200m little rocky but a lot better launch than Sunset launch.

Good on the afternoon sea breeze 8-10kts. Ridge extends 6km to the east. Great if the wind is spot on north. Safe to be blown back if the wind picks up by running off the west end and landing on the clear salt flats. Also a smaller landing in a old tip in front of launch - good if scratching. Also two smaller hills to the left of Sunset launch work in the northly, the last one being only 200m from a ice cold beer!