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Ben More

Type Inland Ridge
Conditions SW
Height 1000'/300m agl, 2050'/625m amsl
Rating PG2 / HG Supervised
Near Beaufort, 140km W of Melbourne.

Near Lexton, 120km NW of Melbourne. For your first trip up, contact the WVHGC. The track is complicated, steep and four wheel drive. Vicroads Map 57 H5.

000 Emergency Markers (?)

  • BEM100: Launch
  • BEM200: Landing

Landowners - ?




Large inland ridge.

Your first flights here must be under supervision of a Western Vic club member to learn site protocols, prohibited landings and other land access restrictions. We have lost too many sites caused by unknowing visiting pilots and do not want to lose any more.

Visitors are welcome, but please contact us first. The club has annual running costs for this site's T/O & LZ and would appreciate regular visitors become a member of the club.

No flying from this site, or driving on tracks, during Total Fire Ban days. No vehicles in paddocks unless by the express consent of that owner. Keep speed low on dirt roads, especially near houses. No smoking on launch or landing zones. Pick up any rubbish you see, beside tracks, launch and landing areas.

Important update Re: Ben More LZ

For bio security reasons all pilots & crew intending to utilize the landing at Ben More must first SMS the owner Scott Howell on 0437 653 711 providing their full name & contact mobile numbers.


Grassy, treeless slope.

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