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Type Coastal Cliff with grass slope above. Grass area slopes away from cliff edge.
Conditions Best in ENE as it allows flights along ridge above beach without turbulence from Bungan Headland.
Height 100' / 30m
Rating Strictly PG5 (not recommended for HG)
Sydney's Northern Beaches.

North of Mona Vale Beach. Driving south on Barrenjoey Road, turn left into Hillcrest Avenue. You can turn right into Hillcrest avenue if coming from the south. Street parking at the end of the road.

Landowners - ?


Sydney Paragliding & Hang Gliding Club , SPHGC Safety Officers


Sydney Paragliding & Hang Gliding Club


This is a highly rewarding site to fly with usually great lift and with the option to connect with Cooks Terrace.

This is a sheer cliff site with no landing options immediately below the cliff. There is a strong vertical component to the wind as it comes over the ridge. The ground slopes down and away from the cliff edge resulting in rotor from many directions. A deceptive site with a very difficult take-off and with a bomb out on Bungan Beach some distance away with only water and rocks in between. Contact a Club Safety Officer before flying this site for the first time. If they advise that conditions are not right to launch then take their advice. There are alternative sites not far away.

The launch spot is on the upper part of the North Mona Vale headland Reserve and is accessible by short walk from the end of Hillcrest Ave. If you have not flown this site before then do not plan on a top landing. See description in Landing section. Expect a walk back to your car or plan ahead and leave a second car on Mona Vale beach. This is an exhilarating site but it has its challenges. Please use caution and do not launch other than in ideal conditions. This is a site for experienced PG5 pilots.


Rotor can come from either left, right or behind on launch. It is difficult to get you wing up and most success has been achieved at the western end of the reserve with the wing pointed NW. Excellent ground handling skills are required as it is likely you will be lifted from the ground as the wing bites into the wind coming up the cliff face. Make sure you are airborne before crossing the fence and shrubs on the cliff edge. You are advised not to pull your wing up too close to the edge as pilots have been launched off the edge before being ready.


Top landing zone in the reserve is not recommended and is extremely difficult. If you attempt this stay well forward on the ridge. While this takes you away from the rotor downslope from the ridge it also puts you in the compression zone. The combination of compression from the sheer cliff and the ground sloping down and away from the cliff edge means that there is turbulence. The safer option is a beach landing. And frankly it is more fun.

Primary landing area is on Mona Vale Beach after turning south around the tip of the headland. Stay clear of the Mona Vale ocean pool as there is an electricity wire extending from the Surf Club to the pool lighting post. Ensure you leave yourself enough height to turn back into the wind as you track along Mona Vale Beach. If the wind has turned more north then avoid the turbulence from the headland and land well south if possible. It is not recommended in any conditions to land on the Basin Beach (north of the MV Ocean Pool).

Landing is possible on Bungan beach but it can be affected by turbulence especially if the wind is north of ENE. Bungan beach is also a long crosswind reach if you find yourself low on the ridge and landing in the water is a real possibility. Bungan beach is generally not patrolled.


Lower Level of controlled airspace is at 2500'.

Hazards / Comments

Please read all of the above.

  • Launch can be difficult due to turbulence and will be different depending on minor wind direction variations.
  • Be careful in getting caught in ridge compression as wind becomes stronger. Take the early option to land before you find yourself over the back with reduced safe landing options.
  • If you are getting below ridge height then head for Bungan beach while you can still reach it. Do not turn back to the point thinking that there will be more lift there - it is further from Bungan Beach.
  • Top landing can be full of surprises including a quick elevator down as you get low. Only top land if you are experienced at the site and can control your wing into tight areas.
  • When flying in front of the houses on the ridge please maintain separation, 25m horizontally and 100' vertically. Watch out for the large Norfolk pines on the western end of the ridge.