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Colliers Gap

Site photo
Type Inland Mountain
Conditions N to NE
Height 1100' / 335m agl, 2297' / 700m amsl
Rating Advanced - HG only
Near Beaufort, 140 km west of Melbourne.

Take the Ben Nevis road. Turn right onto Cowan Track opposite turning to Nevis launch. Turn left onto Colliers Gap road (four wheel drive only). Follow Colliers Gap road north about 3.5k. Turn right on track and go 100m to launch site.


Parks Victoria. This site is licenced to VHPA via SAFA.




North facing inland hill. Suitable when wind is between Nevis and Lonarch launching conditions.


Takeoff is from a tree slot facing north.


Land in Nevis landing paddock. This is out of sight around to the left of launch. Emergency LZ straight out the front at the top of road running south out of Elmhurst, this may only be used when not in crop (Jan-Aug).

Hazards / Comments

Track is seasonally closed from mid June to 31 October to protect the track. This is a shallow long treed slot and not suitable in nil wind. Watch out for the snake that lives under the launch rock.