Western Australia > Margaret River and Southwest

Conto Springs

Site photo
Type Coastal Ridge
Conditions WSW-WNW
Height 200ft / 60m
Rating PG2 / HG Supervised
15km south of Margaret River.

From Margaret River head south along Caves Rd to the Lake Cave turnoff on the right, turn in here. Before the kiosk and cave turn left onto a well signposted dirt road to Conto Springs. Carry on past the camping area toward the beach. Just before descending to the beach are two footpaths on the right marked with pine poles. These lead to the take off. To drive to the bottom landing carry on down the road and turn right to the beach parking area. It's a popular beach so your chances of getting a lift up after a bomb out are pretty good.

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One of the best known coastal sites in WA. A large coastal site suitable for beginners with impressive limestone cliffs, good access, a popular surfing beach, camping area and rock climbing nearby.


Small take off right in the lift band if conditions are good. Be ready to be plucked off the ground as soon as the glider is inflated. Beware of rotor from left ridge if wind is off to the south. The take off is in a bowl which the wind tends to wrap around into. Watch the waves to help juidge true wind direction as a northerly or even NNE can feel like a westerly at launch, but doesn't feel the same when you try to launch. The ridge can be flown for a considerable distance both north and south of the bowl depending on wind direction. Land in grassed picnic area near carpark or on beach. Top landing is possible, but difficult due to the small launch area, and usually involves dropping your glider into the bushes if successful.