New South Wales > Mid North Coast

Crescent Head

Type Coastal
Conditions E-S
About 350km northeast of Sydney.

Landowners - ?

Contact/Responsible - ?


A miniature Stanwell Park type of headland. Awesome smooth lift. There used to be a SAFA sign on the headland at the E launch. This is now gone but Kempsey Shire, the local council, are still OK with us using both launches. Some good flying from both sites. S launch is more for novice pilots, E launch is out over sea and landing near the golf course (to the north) so more for experienced pilots. No contacts needed...just do it!


S launch


An old hangie ramp, suitable for paragliders, too. Opposite the last house as you head up to the water tank on Skyline Crescent. The council have confirmed in writing that we are welcome to clear any regrowth to keep it flyable. Ok for all levels, but watch the powerlines behind near the road.

E launch


Goes out over the sea - not for inexperienced pilots. Bomb out near the golf course to the north.