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Eagles Nest

Type Coastal Cliff
Conditions SE
Height 120'/ 35m asl
Rating PG4 / HG Intermediate (PG2 / HG Supervised?)
Cape Patterson 100km SE of Melbourne.

Eagles Nest is the coastal rock formation just offshore outside of Inverloch. Vicroads Map 102 D4.


Parks Victoria.

Contact/Responsible - ?


The National Parks Act 1975, Part 1, 4(a)(iii)provides for the use and enjoyment of those parks by the public for inspiration, solitude and appropriate self-reliant recreation.

This site is managed by Parks Victoria under the National Parks Act 1975. This site has been temporarily prohibited for use by Parks Victoria. Should you choose to launch from this site you may be in breach of the National Parks (Park) regulations 2003, Part 2, section 44(2) "A person must not, in a Park- (a) launch or land an aircraft."


Grassy easy launch overlooking the small Eagles Nest bay on the left of the carpark entrance.


Landings at the bottom are safest, however top landings over 300m from the cliff edge have been achieved but are risky.


Good flying for paragliders or floaters. Due to the small restricted beach landings, not ideal for higher performance gliders.

Hazards / Comments

If the wind is E or S the points produce turbulence.