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Eumeralla (Red Rocks)

Site photo
Type Coastal Cliffs
Conditions SE
Height 300' asl, 90m asl
Rating PG5 (PG4?) Not recommended for HG.
Near Anglesea, 100km SW of Melbourne.

On the Great Ocean Rd about 1km past the Pt Addis access road turn left into Hurst Rd and follow the track to the cliff top. Melways Map 93 E8.


Parks Victoria


Dynasoarers , Rob van der Klooster (0408 335 559), Peter Hannah (0422 148 545), Jan Bennewitz (0423 139 923)




A sharp cliff edge launch caused by landslip. Often flown by hang gliders in past years, now Bell's is a better option and Eumeralla is mostly only overflown on the way down the coast. Paragliders fly from here regularly.


Grassy cliff top suitable for paragliders, very tricky for hang gliders.


Grassy top landing through turbulence caused by cliff edge or alternately on the beach if the tide is out.


Consistent lift, good flying on summer days, height gains upto 1200', 400m possible.

Hazards / Comments

No beach at high tide