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Type Inland
Conditions ENE-SE
Height 660m asl/ 460m agl
75km W of Mackay.

Follow the Pioneer Valley west to Eungella, it's about 85km by road. At the top of the escarpment turn right for the caravan park, or left to the chalet.

Landowners - ?


Tim Carhart (Mackay HG, PG) (0415 670 775)

Responsible - ?


Ridge- and thermic lift at the end of a U-shaped valley.


Watch out for the high voltage lines that rise from the valley between the caravan park and the chalet.

Caravan Park

A fairly small launch. It may be worth checking the wind strength at the chalet, which is more exposed. Eungella Holiday Park (Caravan Park) 07 4958 4590.


HG only. Set up on the chalet lawn before launching off the ramp. Please contact Eungella Chalet (07 4958 4509, owner Tony) before using this launch.


Various paddocks along the valley road, depending on crop. Top landings at the oval may be possible - watch out for rotor and obstructions.