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Flying Fox

Conditions N-E
Height 1990ft/606m ASL
Rating PG2, HG Intermediate
Gold Coast hinterland.

Landowners - ?


CHGC , Phil Hystek (m: 0418 155 317, h: 07 5543 4000), Brandon O'Donnell



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The site is only to be used by CHGC pilots or visiting pilots in the company of a CHGC member.

Flying Fox is regarded by many as the hidden gem of SE QLD flying sites. The site is nestled on the northern boundary of the Lamington National Park and has a reputation for "turning it on" for those lucky enough to be there on the right day. Spectacular "glass-off" flights, seabreeze convergences and great mid winter thermic flying when no other site is working.


There are no toilet facilies at launch.


The only approved landing area is a SMALL field next to the octagonal house below launch. The field is small with obstacles on approach and no room for overshooting.

The landing field is not suitable for very low airtime pilots unless under direct supervision of a pilot experienced at FF.

The bombout is relatively close but given that there are no options for landing short, and the possibility of valley wind and sink, don't scratch too low in front of launch before heading out to the landing field.

DO NOT exit the landing field past the owners house or down the owners driveway. All pilots must walk down to the road via the gully to the south of the landing field.

Further to the north, landing options are "Scottsmans Bombout" (the field on the corner of Table Top road and Illinbah Road, The D paddock 500m further north on the east side of Illinbah road, and Gordo's landing.

Make sure you get a site briefing on all these landing options before you fly. They are also marked in the Online Maps page of this website.

There is excellent and easily accessible top landing area directly behind launch although it can be rough in a fresh NE wind.


Whilst it is not possible to fly directly over the back due to the huge expanse of the Lamington National Park, excellent flights have been done to the SE down the Numinbah Valley into N.S.W towards Mt Warning and to the SW down the western escarpment of the National Park (where phone coverage is non existent if you land out). Best to push forward to Gordo's and then cross into the Kerry to stay in an easy retrieve area. Be aware that Flying Fox can be quite rough in strong thermic conditions.

CTA: above 6500ft, steps to 10000ft behind launch.

Hazards / Comments

Flying Fox is flyable North through to East. The site is not safe for flying when there's any west in the prevailing wind. Check the top wind sock before choosing to fly. It may look up the face on launch but could be quite west in front.

Narrow flat launch area quickly dropping to steep slope. PG's: Don't set up too close to the steep slope. Due to the steep slope be especially prepared to stop glider from pitching forward when launching.

The Flying Fox valley can produce amazing flying conditions but also be some of the roughest air you've ever flown in. Choose your flying day wisely.

Flying Fox has two launches, North and East. The East is a very tight slot in the trees and should be used only by experienced pilots. Difficult to get a good feeling of the prevailing wind when on the East launch as it is very sheltered.

There is no First Aid kit at Flying Fox and no windsock in the bombout.

If flying late in the afternoon be aware for Katabatic changes. It is not uncommon for pilots to be caught out when landing due to the change in wind direction.

Mobile phones work on launch but not in the valley below launch. Make sure you have a working radio when flying at any of the club sites.

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