New South Wales > South Coast

Hill 60

Site photo
Type Coastal
Conditions NE
Height 200ft / 60m
Rating PG2 / HG Supervised


WCC (Wollongong City Council)


Ant Prehn (Adventure Paragliding) (0412 271 404), Tony Armstrong (HangglideOz) (0417 939 200), FlyStanwell Inc.

Responsible - ?


Hill 60 is a great flying site when the summer north easterly winds are blowing! Located just 25 minutes south of Stanwell Park, Hill 60 is almost surrounded by water, overlooking beautiful swimming beaches, the five islands of Wollongong and Big island, a bird sactuary just offshore. So you'll be sharing the air with sea birds, large and small, and the north easterly winds make for warm sunny weather.

This is primarily a hang gliding site due to the nature of the NE seabreezes which get quite strong in the early PM, up to 25 knots. Local knowledge is essential, so contact the locals before flying.

If flying the southern face, avoid flying over any of the houses if possible, and not less than 150ft, 50m above them. Some residents are agitating to prohibit flying there.


Landings are best on the beach below take off for novices and there is a landing in the park, but be aware of the rotor from a headland.