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Hinchcliffe's (Hart's, Flattop)

Conditions E-S
Height 1730ft/527m ASL
Rating PG2, HG Intermediate
Gold Coast hinterland.

Landowners - ?



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The site is only to be used by CHGC pilots or visiting pilots in the company of a CHGC member.



Hinchcliffe's is an excellent thermic site with great XC potential but it is not ridge soarable so it's less likely to be able to ridge soar and wait for a thermal to come through as is the case on Beechmont. Hinchies is flyable in winds E through S although the launch only faces E and flying there in a South wind will require launching in lee side rotor. The south face works best on winter afternoons when there is a S katabatic wind and can make for some beautiful sunset ridge soaring.

CTA: above 6500ft, steps to 8500ft behind launch.

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