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Hinchcliffe's (Hart's, Flattop)

Conditions SE-S
Height 1730ft/527m ASL
Rating PG2, HG Intermediate
Gold Coast hinterland.

Landowners - ?


CHGC , Phil Hystek (m: 0418 155 317, h: 07 5543 4000)



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The site is only to be used by CHGC pilots or visiting pilots in the company of a CHGC member.

Hinchcliffe's Launch is on the ridge running parallel to Beechmont further inland (west) from the coast. Known as Hinchies, it is often flown when the wind strength is too strong to fly from Beechmont. As it is a few Kms inland from the coast, it is a good site to go XC! Private road access is through a locked gate (conditions apply to obtain the key).

  1. If you plan to use Hinchies launch, please contact John prior to using it to ensure that you can get hold of the gate opener.
  2. The person who collects the gate opener from John's house IS RESPONSIBLE for putting the opener back. John has only one opener and it's his only access to the top of his property. He's happy to let us use it but he has to have it back at the end of the day. If he doesn't have it, or it's lost, then he has no access. If the opener is left in a different location, then this must only be done after direct consultation with John, not hearsay from another pilot.
  3. The person who takes the opener IS RESPONSIBLE for sending a text message to Kevin (the manager of Saddleback; the property the top of the hill behind launch). The text message need only read "Hi Kevin, ... from the Canungra Hang Gliding Club here. We will be using the road today"
  4. The daily use fee for Hinchies is $5 per pilot and the cash is to be left under in his meter box. PLEASE be honest with this and leave the money. Hinchies is a great asset to the club and it would be a absolute pity to loose it.


Hinchies bombout is open to spectators when it is on a public road, however the Launch area is only open to members. Access to the site is only possible by obtaining the electronic gate opener from John Hinchcliffe. Please car pool by leaving vehicles at the bottom of Toe Holt Road but be mindful of not blocking driveways or access easements. Before driving up beyond he locked gate, a text message must be sent to the landowner at the top of the mountain (Kevin) saying that you will be using the road.

When parking vehicles at the Hinchies Bombout, please park as far off the road as possible. Be careful when doing a U turn at the bombout as that part of the road is a crest and passing vehicles may not see you until it's too late.

The owner of the site (John Hinchcliffe) is hugely supportive of the CHGC but history of difficulties with neighbouring land owners makes this site very sensitive. Please bear this in mind when flying this site.

The only approved landing field for Hinchies is the V shaped paddock directly E of launch and bounded by the road and the V in the creek. There is absolutely no top landing, no face landing or landing anywhere in the valley other than the official bombout.


Hinchcliffe's is an excellent thermic site with great XC potential but it is not ridge soarable so it's less likely to be able to ridge soar and wait for a thermal to come through as is the case on Beechmont. Hinchies is flyable in winds E through S although the launch only faces E and flying there in a South wind will require launching in lee side rotor. The south face works best on winter afternoons when there is a S katabatic wind and can make for some beautiful sunset ridge soaring.

CTA: above 6500ft, steps to 8500ft behind launch.

Hazards / Comments

If you are flying Hinchies because it's blown out at Beechmont, be careful of rough air in the valley in front of launch, and possible strong sink if heading to the bombout. Don't drift low over the back chasing a climb as the Canungra Creek valley is incredibly rough in strong E wind. You need to be high enough to get on to Witheren and out into the Kerry Valley.

Be aware of power lines in the bombout that run both parallel and perpendicular to Launch (western and southern side of bombout area). The main valley power line runs directly through the middle of the landing field and it's quite common to not have enough height to get over the line if bombing out. Decide early whether you will make it easily over the line and if you have any doubts that you won't clear it by more than 50m altitude, then choose to land on the launch side. The air over the landing field can be rough if the wind is strong.

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