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Kalbarri South Sea Cliffs

Site photo
Type Coastal Ridge
Conditions SW-NW
Height 300ft / 90m AGL
Rating PG4 / HG Intermediate
120km N of Geraldton.

Head south from Kalbarri, Red Bluff is the first area, and there are several other signposted scenic lookouts further south.

Landowners - ?




Big coastal cliffs with no bottom landings.


Red Bluff offers some bottom landing options but still has a cliff at the final section into water. Other areas have little or no bottom landing, so must only be flown when height can be maintained for top landing. There is a small north easterly ridge at Red Bluff which is just flyable in the right wind, but with danger of going down the seacliffs if blown back.

Accomodation: Stay in Kalbarri.