Australian Capital Territory - Canberra and NSW surrounds

Lake George (Collector)

Type Inland Ridge
Conditions E
Height 3000ft/910m asl, 730ft/220m agl
Rating PG2 / HG Supervised
About 40 minutes north of Canberra on the road to Sydney.


The Collector launch and landing are both privately owned. It is with the landowner's permission that we can use this site.



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Lake George is an excellent inland soaring site. The collector launch is at the northern end of the ridge. If the conditions are a little more thermic this launch is a bit better than Geary's Gap as you have more height.

Weather station:

Article: Flying Canberra

Please check ACTHPA guide for recent changes.


Launch is accessible by 2WD.

If it is your first time at the site, please find a duty pilot, safety officer or contact the club to have a site briefing prior to flying. the following link is some information you should be familiar with regarding the site: Collector.pdf


Immediatly in front of takeoff or anywhere on the lake. Please click on the Google Maps Link for rough directions to the LZ. The usual process for pilots to get to the launch is to meet at the LZ, and then car pool to the Launch site which is at this Google Maps Link. The drive is about 25min each way with a mix of bitumen and gravel roads.

Hazards / Comments

Airspace is low due to the close proximity of Canberra Airport. You can have a look at the different layers on AirCheck or just click on the image below to give you an idea of the airspace restrictions. Also watch out for powerlines. Collector Airspace

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