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Locksley Field

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Type Air field
Height 540'/165m asl
33km north of Seymour on the Hume highway.

From Melbourne, turnoff to Locksley airfield is 11 km north of the Avenel caltex roadhouse on the hume freeway. There is a green 'Locksley' sign to the left. Travel west 2 km to the railway line, cross it then turn hard right down a dirt road, a sign says Gliding center 2.5km. Travel about 1 km and veer slightly left on the same road. The entrance is about 600 m on your right. If the gate is closed, it is unlocked just go through and close it behind you. Leave the gate as you found it.

000 Emergency Markers (?)

  • LOC100: Launch

Landowners - ?


Peter Holloway (0409 526 805), MHGC


Locksley Field (YLCS) is located 33km north of Seymour on the Hume highway. Freedom Airsports maintain two dragonfly tugs available for towing endorsed HG pilots on most weekends. Contact Peter Holloway and get put on the notification list.

Aerotow endorsements can be arranged if you need one.

The strip is almost 2km long & 100m wide, ground towing is also sometimes conducted, contact MHGC/FA if you wish to ground tow.

The usual plan of action for each day of operations is for training and aerotow endorsements to occur in the early mornings & late afternoons with general tows from midday(ish) onwards.


When on the field, cars may be parked near set up unless it is winter and the ground is too soft to drive on, in which case you must set up by the hangars and dolly gliders to launch. Please do not drive thru long dry grass in summer. Avoid parking between the hangars and the kitchen/shower blocks, the tugs need the area to manouvre, refuel, and turn around.


Long distance XC flights, and triangles are often completed. A good road system with many townships in the area , enabling easy pickups for those not able or wishing to return to the field.

The area is mostly flat farmland to the W,N & S with hill country to the E. Locksley is just on the 10NM boundary to Mangalore airfield located to the SSW. At April 2017, class E airspace LL 8500. A VHF radio is preferred, particularly if heading south to Mangalore. VHF is not mandatory if outside vicinity of a registered or certified aerodrome. The airspace is infrequently used by GA aircraft, movements are few, sometimes GA conduct precautionary circuits, most often they are passing overhead to Mangalore. It is worth keeping alert. The tugs will always provide info to the overflying aircraft and radio HG when necessary.

The Melbourne Hang Gliding Club often has fly-ins and club competitions throughout the year here. There are camping, cooking facilities and shower blocks on site, additionally the township of Avenel has pubs and roadhouse eateries. If staying overnight, a small fee is payable to the airfield owner.