New South Wales > Far North Coast


Site photo
Type Inland Ridge
Conditions PG SE to ENE 5-15kt / HG: ESE through to ENE 4-20kt.
Height 750ft (250m) AMSL
Rating PG4 / HG4
  • Private Property - All pilots must be inducted and 'check-in' prior to entry. Navigate Map


Private Property - The owners of Launch and both Landing Zones live on site. DO NOT ENTER WITHOUT 'CHECKING-IN'.


Northern Rivers Hang Gliding and Paragliding Club NSW 2486 Australia

Hazards / Comments

Due to the complexities and restrictions of this site please DO NOT fly here or enter the property until you have been inducted. The induction will be recorded on your membership profile. The induction will give you all the information you need to fly Montes safely and in accordance with the restrictions imposed on the NRHGPGC.