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Mount Bakewell (lower launch)

Site photo
Type Inland Ridge
Conditions SSE-SSW
Height 400ft / 120m agl
Rating PG: Supervised with Advanced Supervision / Intermediate with Site Induction; HG: Intermediate theory + 15 hours
90km east of Perth.

Mt Bakewell is near York in the Avon valley, about 1.5 hours drive east of Perth. Steep access track is passable by some 2WD when in good condition and dry or a moderate climb on foot. If you haven't been here before, contact HGAWA and organise your first flight with a club member who has good knowledge of this site. Access to this site is through private land. The site is very sensitive and could easily be lost. Take the keep out signs on the gate seriously if you don't know the current access arrangements. Permission must be sought from the land owner before entering the property. Everyone entering the property must check in with the owner unlike most sites. The owner would appreciate a small gift to show your appreciation. One bottle of wine or softdrink per vehicle is appropriate, green ginger wine is a favorite. If for any reason the owner can not be contacted you may not enter the property. While checking in you may get a key to the gate which provides access through to the top launch. Please keep the gate closed at all times and ensure the gate is locked and the key returned at the end of the day.

Landowners - ?


HGAWA , Rod Merrigan (0439 967 971)


Hill Flyers (0412 611 680), Cloudbase (0407 700 378)

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This alternative launch on Mt Bakewell is much lower than the top launch, but has easier road access from takeoff to bomb out, making it more popular with hanglider pilots. It can also provide a safer launch when the wind is south or SSW or strong.


Landing is directly in front of launch beside Lou's driveway. If paragliders encounter sink they may be unable to safely cross the powerlines and be forced to land to the left of the house.


Because the launch is so low with trees in front it is necessary for paragliders to launch into a thermal or exceptionally good wind conditions if you are to get up. Hang-gliders are able to fly the site more easily in conditions too strong for paragliders.

Once flying try to work up the ridge to the summit.

Otherwise the same as Bakewell top launch.

Hazards / Comments

As with any inland site this hill can feature strong lift, strong sink and turbulence.

The launch is very small with a tree on the right and many trees in front. Glide out over the trees in front is marginal on a paraglider, so a launch into lifting air is very desirable.

The spur to the left of takeoff can generate rotor on launch in an ESE wind and disguise the true wind direction.

There is a powerlines in front of launch to the left of the house.

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