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Mt Blackheath

Type Inland Mountain
Conditions Main launch: WSW - WNW, HG < 15 knots, PG < 15 knots. North ramp: N-NE, HG < 10 knots, PG < 10 knots.
Height 1040m asl, 300m agl
Rating Main launch: HG Restricted: Conditions: 5 - 10 knots with strict SO supervision or Adv pilot with exp at site. HG Intermediate: Conditions: 5 - 15 knots with SO supervision HG Advanced: Conditions: < 15 knots PG2 & PG3: Conditions: 2 - 10 knots with strict SO supervision PG4: Conditions: 0 - 10 knots with SO supervision PG5: Conditions: < 15 knots. North ramp: See launch details below.
Mount Blackheath, at the end of Mount Blackheath Road. Approx 7km from Blackheath by road.

Landowners - ?


Alexander Drew ([no information]), BMHGC



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Mt Blackheath is the main flying site for the BMHGC. This is both a spectacular and intimidating site which is difficult to understand without a lot of local experience. The site has a lot to offer, with everything from smooth evening soaring to massive powerful thermals to push you on your way to excellent XC flying.

All pilots must be current SAFA members. Visiting pilots welcome. A site briefing must be obtained from a BMHGC safety officer before flying.


Main launch

(WSW - WNW; HG & PG < 15 knots)

Astro turf PG launch & metal HG ramp.

  • Landing is not visible from launch although it is easily attainable from launch height.
  • Turbulence in NW wind.
  • Wind can increase in strength and or change direction without warning.
  • HG Restricted, HG Intermediate, PG2, PG3, PG4 do not fly to South of launch if below launch height.

North ramp

(N-NE; HG & PG < 10 knots (safer at stronger end))

Tree slot with wooden ramp.

This is an alternative launch for pre-approved experienced pilots only. Hazards: Cliff launch, turbulence, overhanging trees. Any W makes launch unsafe.

HG Restricted and Intermediate: Not permitted. HG Advanced: Conditions: < 10 knots with SO supervision.

PG2, PG3, PG4: Not permitted. PG5: < 10 knots with SO supervision & on approved pilots list.

  • This launch is for very skilled HG Advanced and PG5 rated pilots with inland experience.

  • Pilots must be accompanied by an BMHGC SO or be a BMHGC SO themselves.

  • Extremely dangerous cliff launch.

  • Affected by turbulence and sensitive to wind direction and strength.

  • PG Beware of overhanging trees.

  • Pilots must be on an approval list, managed by club SOs (like tandems on Mystic). Unapproved pilots will be cautioned.


Primary: Kanimbla Valley. S 33.63226, E 150.25574. This is a large square paddock. Private property. Horses and cattle sometimes present.

Alternate: Emergency only to North of Potters Cottage. Land away from horses and riders.

Top: Yes, on astro turf only for PG. No for HG.

X-C: Good potential to West and North

Hazards / Comments

  • Wind can go katabatic in landing area in late afternoon.
  • Do not land in any of the paddocks surrounding the green shed to North West of launch.
  • Beware of seabreeze and convergence conditions in Spring, Summer and Autumn.
  • Do not land near horses.
  • Powerlines to north of landing.
  • Turbulence in LZ in strong wind.

Emergency services: Call 000. Katoomba Hospital (02) 4784 6500, Lithgow Hospital (02) 6350 2300, Call 000.

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