Victoria > West Inland

Mt Buangor

Site photo
Type Inland Mountain
Conditions S, SSW
Height 1850' / 560m agl, 3182' / 970m amsl
Rating Advanced, HG only
Near Beaufort, 140km west of Melbourne.

Take the Dawson Road track, off the main road through the Mt Cole State Forest. Turn right onto the Baranga Track, travel 100m then turn left onto the Buangor track. Continue for one to two kilometers to the small car park. Takeoff is below the car park some 50m down a narrow walking track. Vicroads 57 E6.

000 Emergency Markers (?)

  • BUA100: Launch


Launch: Parks Victoria


Phill Campbell, WVHGC




The National Parks Act 1975, Part 1, 4(a)(iii)provides for the use and enjoyment of those parks by the public for inspiration, solitude and appropriate self-reliant recreation.

This site is managed by Parks Victoria under the National Parks Act 1975. This site has been temporarily prohibited for use by Parks Victoria. Should you choose to launch from this site you may be in breach of the National Parks (Park) regulations 2003, Part 2, section 44(2) "A person must not, in a Park- (a) launch or land an aircraft."

Site has been flown recently on a limited basis by advanced pilots with knowledge of local conditions.


The Takeoff is from a ground ramp above the lip which drops almost vertically at first to a gradually decreasing gradient, until finally flattening out almost 2000ft below.


Large paddocks are at least 3km away. Do not land either in the paddock directly in front of launch or those to the far right. There are paddocks out of view behind the ridge on the left. If there is NO chance of staying up, DO NOT fly here. This site is extremely sensitive. Landing area is to the south (left) around the ridge to a paddock north of the Middle Creek camping ground. The Warrak bomb-out site for Nevis is to the right (west and then north) is also available for landing and is easier when the wind is off to the East.


Buangor overlooks a heavily forested valley and although there appears to be a landing area directly in front, due to a disgruntled local, no paddocks within bomb-out can be used for landings.

Mr Kevin J Wilde is the owner of the extensive land holdings in the Mt Cole area. Mr Wilde requires pilot do not land on his property.

Hazards / Comments

If you are not familiar with the landing areas then consult a local flyer.