Victoria > West Inland

Mt Buninyong

Type Inland hill
Conditions E -ESE
Height 600'/ 180m agl
Rating PG5 / HG Advanced
Near Ballarat, 100km W of Melbourne.

From Ballarat head south on the Meredith/Geelong road. A signposted turnoff is just past the Town of Buninyong. Vicroads Map 76 G4.

Landowners - ?

Contact - ?




A prominent volcanic cone with a popular lookout at the summit.


From the road down from the lookout. The road is cut into the side of a steep slope and is between two trees - essentially a cliff launch.


Good landing areas at the base of the of the mountain but the larger one (across the road) is truncated on one corner by power lines.


The site produces good ridge and thermal lift in a moderate easterly, but be ready to get low between thermals. Wire assistance is desirable under most conditions but is essential in any sort of crosswind.

Hazards / Comments

Set up in the road cutting and be prepared to shift your glider out of the way if any vehicles want to pass, we do not want anyone to complain about us flying here.