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Mt Elliot

Type Inland mountain
Conditions N, NE
Height 2000' / 600m agl, 2952' / 900m amsl
Rating PG4 / HG Intermediate. PG2 and PG3 require PG4 supervision. HG Sup require HG Int supervision.
Near Corryong, 320km NE of Melbourne.

Takeoff is visible from the town. Take the road out to Kancoban and drive to the far side of the mountain. Enter the gate at Fishers Track and follow it up to the tower. Vicroads Map 37 H4.

000 Emergency Markers (?)

  • COR100: Main launch (north-west)
  • COR200: Landing - Hang gliders
  • COR201: Landing - Paragliders


Vic Govt, DELWP. The site is normally licenced to VHPA.


Phil Campbell (0438 428 569)


HG Comps


Ground ramps through tree slots.


Main launch (north-west)

The main north-west takeoff is in front of the tower. A weather station is available, installed and managed by ACTHPA and funded by ACTHPA, NSWHPA and VHPA.


The North-East launch is located 100m on the left before the four-ways at the top when coming up the 4WD front track. The access track is marked with a pink ribbon in a small gum tree on a wider bend in the road. Follow old paths down slope to find the launch approx 50m from the track. It's another early morning start point. Beware of the transmission lines below the launch that come from Khancoban along the Upper Murray Valley Highway.


Bombouts directly in front of launches.


Regularly the location of the Corryong Cup and Victorian open. This mountain flying is the best around, especially in the later season. 9000' agl is not uncommon. The valley system makes the flying spectacular and the retrieves easy and quick.

Extensive cross country possibilities are possible to the N, W, and S.

Hazards / Comments

Landings are invariably nil wind or tail. Powerlines are located throughout the valley. Beware the lines alongside the bomb outs. There is a hard to see powerline accross the bowl to the right of launch, so don't enter the bowl unless you know exactly where the wire is. Other than to the south and east, class E airspace starts at 8500ft.

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