Western Australia > North-West > Kimberley

Mt Harrison

Site photo
Type Inland Ridge
Conditions NW-NE
Height 800ft / 250m
Rating PG2 / HG Supervised
Kimberley, 450km SW of Darwin.

From the Great Northern Highway turn down the Gibb river road approx 3km it's the first hill on the right hand side. A small 4wd track with a locked gate to the top launch contact local pilots for key.

Landowners - ?


HGAWA , John Peircey




One of the worlds most spectacular landscapes, well endowed with hills and sunshine, and spectacular scenery. A bit of a wilderness too, so be prepared. Most of this info is from John Peircey who lives up there, give him a call if you are up that way.


Nice launch for both stiffies and floppys with landing area to the right over the road slight down hill gradient. This being a inland site and temperatures in the 30+ region this can get a little rough. But a fantastic place to get high and cold!