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Mt Meuron

Site photo
Type Large Coastal Hill
Conditions S, SSE
Height 450' / 140m asl
Rating PG4 / HG Intermediate
Via Wye River, 160km SW of Melbourne.

Melways Map 101, F4.


Parks Victoria


Dynasoarers , Rob van der Klooster (0408 335 559)




Until the stretch between Teddy's Lookout and the town of Kennett River was flown, Mt Meuron was regarded as Victoria's number one coastal site - if it was on! From takeoff at 450' the site rises to 600' asl over its 1km length.


From Kennett River take Grey River Road, (which begins directly opposite the Kafe Koala shop), following it up the back of the hill to the west for almost exactly one kilometer. There's a maintenance track on your left that takes you under the powerlines, but it's closed to traffic, so park and hike in. Follow the power poles 300m up the hill. A footpath through the bush starts on your left at S38.67255 E143.85435 - check the map. It is about 100m through the scrub to takeoff, an open area on the face. It tends to overgrow and if not flown in a while will need some maintenance to be launchable so be prepared.


There are no particular dangers to the intermediate pilot except the landing. In an emergency, with the tide out, it is possible to land on what beach there is at the base, however most people land on the beach at the town of Kennet River.

This requires that you fly as far east to the point as you can, then downwind to a spot landing on the beach. There is no particular difficulty. Just keep your eyes open for power lines, and people on the beach. If the wind is a little southerly, expect a little turbulence off the point. If the wind is 12 kts or stronger, it is best to land at the far end of the beach at Kennett River, to avoid the turbulence in the lee of the point.


The site generates excellent lift in most winds over 10kts. Weather: The wind invariably grades in strength from Port Phillip Heads to Apollo Bay, it usually being 5-10kts lighter at Mt Meuron than at, say, Spion. So if the forecast is 15-20kts on Port Phillip it will probably be good at Meuron.

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