Western Australia > Perth Region

Mullaloo Beach

Site photo
Type Low Coastal Dune
Conditions W
Height 0 - 50ft / 15m
Rating PG2 / HG Supervised
Northern Perth.

Most direct access is to park in Merrifield place (see street directory) and take the footpath to the middle of the site. Alternatively a short walk south down the beach from Mullaloo Surf Club will get you there.

Landowners - ?




A nice safe westerly facing dune near Perth.


Take off from beach. Take care not to damage dune vegetation. Flyable from the surf club to well south of the stairs, plenty of space behind the dunes before the road makes this a beach site suitable for novices. The ridge is only short, however and can become crowded especially in light conditions, be prepared to take turns flying.

Council Rangers may deny you flying this site.

Hazards / Comments

Although only low dunes there can be rotor behind, and the strong winds required to fly can lead to injuries if dragged. Any part of your glider landing in the ocean can be fatal - don't become complacent with regards to these sites. Lots of radio controlled models here. This is a public beach so watch out for spectators.