Victoria > East Inland


Site photo
Type Inland ridge
Conditions SSW
Height 1200'/ 365m agl, 2428' / 740m amsl
Rating The site is rated PG5. PG4, PG3 and PG2 require FI/SSO supervision. Closed to HG due to no suitable bombout.
South of Beechworth, North East Victoria.

Take the road that runs east from the top of Buckland Gap for about 2km till you reach a picnic area/lookout. Vicroads Map 35 D8.


Parks Vic. This site is licensed to VHPA.




Ground ramp through a tree slot.


The launch is a narrow tree slot with significant re-growth. The slope is comparatively shallow so that it is necessary to fly for some distance before reaching clear air. The gully is subject to whimsical cross winds making this a challenging PG launch in even mild conditions.


All PG landings should be made in the paddock immediately to the west of Buckland Road and north of Lee Morrison Road. Paragliders must land in a small corner of the paddock near Buckland Road and just north of the powerlines. Fly with local pilots if you are not sure. This paddock is slightly undulating. HG plots cannot land at the bottom and must be sure to get away. Do not land in the paddock immediately to the west of Buckland Road and south of Lee Morrison Road. Do not land in the paddocks directly below launch and east of Buckland Road. See map.


Paragliders should not fly up the valley to the left unless you are sure you have enough height to make it to the safety of the landing paddock.

Hazards / Comments

It is difficult to judge wind strength and direction on launch because of its sheltered nature. This is especially true in cross winds - be careful.

Beware of the local eagles.

Controlled airspace exists over launch C LL 4500. It is essential that you check the Albury VTC or Melbourne VNC for changes before flying.

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