New South Wales > Mid North Coast

North Brother Lookout

Type Mountain near coast
Conditions NNE-E
Height 465m asl
Rating PG4, under PG4 please contact local CFI / HG Supervised
Near Laurieton.

Follow ocean drive from Laurieton, turn up Captain Cook Bicentenial Drive and the lookout is our launch site.

Landowners - ?


MNCF , Joel Price (0418 837 028), David Wainwright CFI - Contact for PG2/3 (+61 429 844 961), Chris Rogers CFI - Contact for PG2/3 (+61 407 918 099)




The best known and premier site of the region. Great flying early in the day before the sea breeze comes in, late morning with light north easterly and mostly clear skies.

Guest pilots to be accompanied by local or frequent MNCF member whilst landing zone is not visible from launch and is on private land, briefing before flying is required. Be respectful drive slow, keep gates how you find them eg. open or closed.