Western Australia > Albany and South Coast

Parry Beach - Point Hillier

Site photo
Type Coastal Ridge/Cliff
Conditions E-NE
Height 0 - 50m
Rating PG2 / HG Supervised
70km W of Albany.

From Denmark take the South Coast Highway towards Walpole. Turn left at the well signposted to turnoff to Parry Beach, just before you reach the coast there is a turn off to the left to Parry Beach and the camping area, the road also carries on straight ahead but turns to dirt. Take the dirt road straight ahead, which leads to the flying site, which is Point Hillier. This will take you down to the beach at the foot of the hill. 4 wheel drive access is possible onto the beach, 2 wheel drives are catered for with a car park before the track gets too sandy. In strong winds walk down the beach and bottom launch. In lighter winds it is necessary to launch from higher up. A gravel track with a locked gate leads from the car park leads to an old quarry and a quite good launch area at the top of the lower (dune part of the site). It's a ten or fifteen minute walk, but better than clawing your way up the face of the dune. Alternatively a key to the gate may be available from the campground manager if you ask nicely. Good camping facilities including toilets and showers are available at Parry Beach proper, fees apply.

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An impressive big coastal site west of Denmark, great if the wind is just north of east.


The site varies in height from a 50 foot dune at the eastern end, to 500 foot limestone cliffs at the southern end. Obviously a wind that is strong enough to allow flying the dune may be too strong on the main face. Getting blown back on the main face is not an option, it drops off just as steeply into the ocean behind, make sure you have enough penetration and beware of changes in wind speed. Take care in working your way up from the launch to the main ridge, as even the high launch is less than half the height of the main face. There is a good beach landing to the north and east, but none at the southern end. Heights of over 1000 feet are possible in ridge lift here, so you should be able to glide back to the beach.