Western Australia > Albany and South Coast

Perkins Beach

Type Bushy Dune
Conditions SSE
Height 0 - 5m
Rating PG2 / HG Supervised
Near Albany.

From Albany take the Lower Denmark Rd E towards Denmark for 25km. turn left at Perkins Beach Road. Follow to the parking at the end. There is a footpath from here a short distance alongside a creek to the beach. You can fly either side of the creek in the right conditions. A 4WD alternative is to drive along the beach from either Cosy Corner or Muttonbird until you find a dune pointing the right way.

Landowners - ?



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Good place when the wind is strong and SSE. Western end of the same bay as Muttonbird. Incredible feeling getting some height off such a tiny dune.


This site is a good beginner’s slope. It is about 1km long with lots of bushes on top but plenty of beach between the dune and the water.

Although the site is only low coastal dunes, there is a steep drop off behind them with significant rotor and a lot of trees in some areas. Take-off is from the beach or on the side of the dune. Space can be a problem, especially if the wind is a bit light. You may have to take it in turns if there is not enough room. Main danger is complacency - don’t fall into the trap of thinking everything is safe just because it is a low sand dune.