Western Australia > Albany and South Coast


Site photo
Type Inland Mountain Range
Conditions N, W, S
Height 500m+
Rating Not a rated site
About 50km N of Albany.

Located half way between the Stirlings and Albany. Approach via Albany highway, turning off at Mt Barker, or out Chester Pass road. well signposted and mapped. Devils Slide is the most likely launch on the southern side of the range, a 300m high granite dome with north south and west faces. This is an arduous walk from the car park and picnic area. The Old Potato Farm is on the North side of the range and accessed from the same car park as Castle Rock.

Landowners - ?




A small range of hills between the Stirlings and Albany, about 1800ft at highest point. People have flown off Devils Slide at the Western end of the range, and the old Potato farm at the Eastern End. Access here is currently allowed at 3 sites if you obtain a permit from the ranger - check with Cloudbase and the ranger before you go and don't mess it up for everyone else.


Lots of trees below but farmland not far away. Potentially very dangerous or very good.