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Rainbow Beach - Carlo Sand Blow

Type Coastal
Conditions NNE-ESE
Height 90m / 295ft
Rating PG2 / HG Supervised
180km N of Brisbane.

Rainbow Beach is about one hour's drive from Gympie. Park at the car park at the end of the road to the water tanks and radio tower, then continue along the track to the sand blow (about 400m).

Landowners - ?



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You must be a member of the responsible club (SCSA) to fly this site. Visiting pilots are welcome. Temporary/visiting pilot club membership can be applied for on the SCSA website.

Beautiful coastal soaring along nearly 10km of 100m high sand dune.


Anywhere from the sand blow.


Easy top landing for PG and HG or land on the beach. Do not land between the swimming flags if present. At high tide, you might struggle to get a car past the rocks to the right of the access ramp. If you bomb out far S of launch you can try to hitch a ride with a 4WDer.