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Red Bluff

Type Coastal
Conditions SSW-WSW 9-15kn
Height 20m ASL
Rating PG5 with endorsement - PG4 under the on site supervision of an endorsed PG5
In suburb of Black Rock, 20km S of Melbourne.

Landowners - ?



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It’s the closest flying site to Melbourne CBD, along the Beach Rd at Sandringham. Launch is a large flat grassy area. Park just behind launch.


Safety notes:

This launch is a shared public area. A footpath/cyclist track is running across the launch area, there is a bench on the S corner. Launching and top landing is allowed only if min distance from people can be observed. The pilot needs to make sure the min distance from public (25m horizontally and 100ft vertically) is maintained at all times.

The launch area is to be used only for launching and top landing. No flying above the launch area or above the footpath. The ORANGE MARKED areas are to be avoided and the RED MARKED area behind launch (above the footpath and from the footpath to the road) is a no flying zone. No low flying over the launch area other that for top landing (approach only from either side but not from behind), when there are no people on launch.

  • To the back of launch there is a light pole.
  • The launch is right in front of a busy road
  • Powerlines are on the downwind side of the road.
  • A fence is spanning the whole length of the launch area and needs to be cleared on take off.
  • There is a bench on the S corner of launch.
  • Flat top launch with a steep slope in front means a wind shadow on launch where the glider is laid out and needs to be taken into account on inflations.


Landing areas:

  • The beach, use the footpath to walk back to launch.
  • Top landing

    Top landing safety notes:

  • only when there is no public on launch.

  • only if coming from the side, maintaining min distance to road. The demarcation line being the footpath crossing the launch. The (RED MARKED) area above the footpath and from the footpath towards the road is a no-fly zone.


  • This is a sensitive flying site in high public view. Pilots need to fly conservatively. No aggressive flying manoeuvres in front of launch. After launching pilots are to fly away from the launch area and stay in front of the ridge and not above.
  • The (RED MARKED) area above the footpath and from the footpath towards the road is a no flying zone.

Safety notes:

  • The launch is inside the Moorabbin RMZ. The use of VHF radio is mandatory. CTAF: 118.1
  • Due to proximity to road and public, flying should be done in front of the ridge and not above.
  • The launch has a gully on each side. They create a venturi effect, which needs to be taken into account straight after launching.
  • Minimal distance (25m horizontally and 100ft vertically) from public, dwellings and the road needs to be maintained.
  • The Red bluff lookout headland is causing mechanical turbulence in SSW wind and pilots should avoid flying any closer than the grassy lookout area to the N of it.