Western Australia > Albany and South Coast

Sand Patch

Site photo
Type Coastal Ridge
Conditions SW
Height 150m
Rating PG4 / HG Intermediate
Near Albany.

From Albany drive out around Princess Royal Harbor towards Little Grove and the gap. Turn right at the prison and left up a road signposted to Sandpatch and the wind farm. From the car park take the boardwalk west to the takeoff area in front of number 3 turbine.

Landowners - ?



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A huge site, more than 10km of ridge, but mostly without bottom landing as the limestone cliffs run straight into the ocean, have a look at the photo.


Be aware of changing conditions, you may have to land out along the ridge, only fly here if your top and side landings are good. Can be difficult to get down if the wind picks up. Due to the size and compression flyable conditions here equate to very light winds on the beach. The launch area is currently covered in low scrub. Some netting has been stored at the launch as a temporary measure to reduce snagging of paraglider lines. If you use the netting please pack it away again after flying. Work is in progress to get a more permanent solution constructed.