Western Australia > Perth Region


Site photo
Type Low Coastal Dune
Conditions W
Height 0 - 50ft / 15m
Rating PG2 / HG Supervised
80km north of Perth.

Carry on up Wanneroo Rd past Two Rocks, eventually there is a turnoff signposted to Seabird. About an hours drive north of Perth. Once in town there are several beach access points, any of which will do. The Seabird tavern overlooks one potential launch.

Landowners - ?




Low coastal site with distance potential north of Perth.


Take off from beach or from cleared areas and tracks at the top of the dune. Take care not to damage dune vegetation. This is a public beach so watch out for spectators. The ridge run to Guilderton (the next town to the north) has been done before. Pleasant flying but possibly a long walk if conditions change.

Hazards / Comments

Although only low dunes there can be rotor behind, and the strong winds required to fly can lead to injuries if dragged. Any part of your glider landing in the ocean can be fatal - don't become complacent with regards to these sites. In Seabird itself parts of the ridge have roads, houses and powerlines close behind. Be very careful flying these parts. There is plenty of ridge without obstructions to the north and south of town, so there is no reason to take any risks, particularly in stronger winds.